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Our company origins date from 1950. At that time, a tailor coming from Lugo, whose name was Mr. Juiz, moved into our city, Ourense, and created a team dedicating all it’s efforts to the tailoring business. Due to him crafstmanship and good sense of aesthetics, this gentleman soon acquired a very good reputation within the industry. Within his group of artisans featured Mr. Jesús Nieves Sánchez, Mr. Juiz’s right hand man, and also coming from Lugo. After some years, a series of personal circumstances made Mr. Ruiz emigrate to Venezuela, selling his tailor shop to a business man arriving from Cuba, named Mr. Mariño, who changed the shop name to WALKER.

D. Jesús Nieves stayed as the new company’s manager, while he continued to develop all the knowledge e acquired during the previous years. Mr. Jesus drive and interest in continuous improvement caused a new turn in his professional life. On 1967, he opens his own tailoring workshop and brings in some of the best employees from the previous team. This workshop was located on 31 Jose Antonio St., Ourense.

It was a workshop based on meticulous craftsmanship, and love for tailoring. the fabrics employed were from english provenance, at that time, believed to be some of the highest quality ones in the world. Suits, blazers, overcoats and all sorts of high standard pieces of clothing were made. The clientele was very refined and demanding, as D. Jesús Nieves was himself. Sales volume grew at such a high rate that the business premises became too small and the question of moving to the next door building, number 29, arose. This was a bigger office and allowed to serve customers in a more confortable way.

During the decade of the 70’s, the clothing industry experienced a big revolution, Italian fabrics made their appearance on the luxury market in a definitive way. Brands like Zegna, Loro Piana… took their way into the tailoring business having a great impact on it, and Italy taking the lead in the evolution of this sector. Italians, being big manufacturers and innovators on the textile industry, contributed to the development of technology used for tailoring and dressmaking.

During the decade of the 80’s, Mr. Nieves picks up. The clientele wants new, fresh products. Now the business adds retail clothing to the tailoring services. Offering a mix of these two different products, the business experiences growth once again, and the following years were great in terms of profitability and personal satisfaction. Mr. Jesús dies on 1996 being greatly satisfied for having taught and instructed a great group of professionals during his life. His signature of knowledge and his good deeds stayed engraved on his business and the people who trusted him, maintaining in the status of luxury shop.

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